Increase eCommerce Revenue by Reducing your Website Page Load Time

Imagine if you lose sales opportunity just because your website takes longer time to load your product catalog or your payment gateway lag in the mid of the shopping session where your prospective customer has submitted credit card information.

Websphere Commerce Guru Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed to significantly improve your web site performance by reducing physical distance, and in turn, latency, between the server and end user making your site load faster and rank better in search engines.

What is
Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery Network is a network of data centers purposefully located at multiple locations around the world to deliver content efficiently to end users. The closest server to the end user is chosen to deliver quickest response based on network proximity.

Websphere Commerce Guru?

Websphere Commerce offers superior, cost effective and reliable global content delivery services that enable ecommerce websites load faster and rank better in search engines.

WebSphere Commerce Features

Increase Conversions
Faster Delivery
Better SEO
Total Reliability