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Endeca to Solr Migration

Are you planning to move from Endeca or other search engine to WCS Solr?
Does your site need a fast improvement in the Solr?
Our extensive experience in Solr eCommerce sites can guide you with switching to Solr Search Engine.
Fully leverage the capabilities of Solr to increase revenues through the web channel

What You Will Learn?
1. Solr search Architecture
2. Capture requirements from existing Endeca solution
3. See how main Endeca features can be done using WCS Solr.
3.1. Attribute dictionary of indexed fields.
3.2. Dimension ordering in facets.
3.3. Search Term associations.
3.4. Recommendation Espots for Featured product / Promotional rules.
3.5. Boosting individual records, and search relevency improvements.
4. Must have good Solr Search features like Autosuggest.
5. Solar Search Statistics jobs for top hits and top misses
6. Crawler utility.

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