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Shipping Rates Calculator

Websphere Commerce E Shipping Module

WebSphereCommerceGuru E-Shipping Module provides real time shipping rates and shipping tracking information to your customers on your e-commerce store.

WebsphereCommerceGuru E-Shipping module increases your customers trust by providing them real-time shipping rates. By using our shipping module, which is integrated with FedEX and UPS, you can save up to 6 – 8 weeks of implementation cost and guarantee a successful bug free implementation. This product will also reduce your I.T. support cost by freeing up your I.T staff from updating shipping rates manually on your e-commerce store from your shipping vendors on a regular basis. Our E-Shipping module will help you save thousands of dollars in support cost.

In addition, this powerful product lets you provide up-to-the-minute shipping status reports to your online customer’s right from your Web site. It’s very simple. Your customers just have to login to your site, view their order and select Tracking Info. This product lets your customers track their shipments right from your e-commerce site using your own reference or order number. This functionality encourages your customers to return to your site to track their shipments or to check the status of their order. This return traffic increases the amount of time your customers spend on your site, which may lead to more sales.

With a low one time charge you can minimize risk and guarantee successful tested implementation with updated shipping rates from UPS/FedEx system for products offered by your store.

Chart with differences in UPS and FEDEX



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