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Loyalty & Rewards

Royal Cyber’s Loyalty & Rewards add-on helps you design and manage innovative and customized loyalty programs. As an online store, you need every edge to increase your customer purchases, improve customer retention and change their spending pattern. With Royal Cyber’s Loyalty & Rewards add-on, you can  acquire, retain, and grow your best customers.


Create Loyalty Points
Boost your Sales by defining how your customers will earn and spend their points. Also offer products that can only be purchased through points.

  • Rules Setup
  • Customize the Interface
  • Easy Settings

Easily Manage Points
Royal Cyber’s Loyalty & Rewards Solution let you manage points in Admin Management Center so you can adjust campaigns with trends accordingly.

  • Customer Point Balances
  • Admin Transfers
  • Create Simple Rule Management

Points Redemption
Your Customers can easily redeem their point with points redemption option feature displayed on both Product description page and on the checkout page.

  • Display Options
  • Customize Spending Interface
  • Reward your Customers

Customer Dashboard
All your customers will be provided with a personalized dashboard where they will be able to see their loyalty points ‘balance’ as well as their Usage History.

  • Balance View
  • Usage History
  • Integrated Reminders

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