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Ebay & Amazon Integration

Websphere Commerce Listing Management Tools for eBay & Amazon:
Manage your eBay listings. Sort by status and edit, relist, or view the listing details. The synchronization button instantly get the latest updates from eBay.

Create Listings:
Auto-populate listings from store inventory or previous eBay listings.

Manage Listing Preferences:
Control listing checkout and shipping preferences. Streamline order management by directing buyers to checkout through your web store or use eBay to collect payment.

View Auction Details:
View buyer information, send a checkout e-mail to the buyer, or return unsold or unpaid for items to your store inventory.

E-Mail Checkout Link To Buyers:
Customizable HTML e-mail provides a quick checkout link for buyers.

Buyers Click Link To Checkout:
Buyers click the checkout link and are directed to your StoreFront web store where the item is automatically added to their cart. Returning buyers can login for rapid checkout. Multiple shipping and payment options are available.



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