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Address Verification

Websphere Commerce Address Validation Tool

The “WebsphereCommerceGuru Address Validation Tool” checks addresses at the street level against the United States Postal Service® (USPS) databases to determine valid addresses in the United States and Puerto Rico. This tool can also be used to classify the address as Residential or Commercial according to UPS’ standards.

Adding “WebsphereCommerceGuru Address Validation Tool” to your e-commerce site will improve the accuracy and efficiency of address data input of the user. This tool can eliminate very common typo error of user of your e-commerce web store. This tool will reduce the cost associated with delivery of product in case of invalid address entry by customer.

WebsphereCommerceGuru Address Validation Tool frees up your support staff from hassle of answering inquiries of customer regarding late delivery of order in case of wrong address input by customer. Using the WebsphereCommerceGuru Address Validation Tool, you can save dollar in monthly support charges. With a low one time charge you can minimize risk and guarantee human error free address input by your user.

In short with WebsphereCommerceGuru Address Validation Tool, you can:

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of address field input
  • Reduce the chances of customer inconvenience
  • Increase customer retention
  • Reduce the chances of customer bad experience with your store
  • Get a competitive edge from others online store
  • Will save the delivery cost of your customer in case of human error

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