YouTube widget for IBM WCS helps retailers captivate shoppers with more impulsive experience using video marketing.

Dazzle Shoppers

Videos give considerable visual awareness about your products and are a proven way to grab the attention of shoppers with an immersive shopping experience. This disruptive method of product display results in a small number of clicks for the user and better conversion rates for the retailer.

Powerful YouTube Framework

The widget takes advantage of the fast YouTube CDN network to ensure in-line videos load as quickly as possible. In addition to speed, this also takes care of the high bandwidth issues.

Support Shopping Decisions

Change impatient window-shoppers to paying customers! Customers get excited about making purchase decisions after experiencing the products through videos. This means better conversion rates and happy customers for the Retailers.

Simple Deployment Options

The widget is easy to configure in WebSphere Commerce through Store Features. Page/Flow wise configuration is available where this feature can be activated or deactivated. The video itself can be loaded from LFR (Local File Repository) or YouTube Servers.