IBM Sterling OMS & CPQ

IBM Sterling Order Management

IBM Sterling Order Management helps enterprises to manage the order fulfillment faster by handling it via a centralized system. The centralized order fulfilment capabilities of IBM Sterling Order management leverages the omni-channel commerce by providing enterprises with a single platform to view inventory, allowing customers to order from anywhere, fulfilling their order from anywhere, and returning order to anywhere. Thus the solution leverages your customer with an unmatched and faster shopping experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately generating more business profits for you.

What’s New in IBM Sterling Order Management?

  • Improved Supply & Demand across different channels via a single inventory view, helping to utilize stocks/inventory efficiently on committed delivery dates.

  • More Synchronized, personalized fulfillment channel processes to support various internal or external supplies, and various selling channels.

  • Integrated order fulfillment processes across call center, store, and online touchpoints to provide a seamless order fulfillment experience to customers.

  • Single source for customers to get accurate and on-time information of their orders

How you will Be Benefited?

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) automates the configuration, pricing and quoting of complex services, and products, enabling customers, sales agents, call center agents and partners in validating the right product choice. Thus simplifies the complex selling process into a streamlined and self-served but yet effective sales process.

What’s New in Sterling Configure, Price, and Quote?

  • Automates and simplifies the complex online selling process by helping customers to easily select, configure, and quote the products, thus making order process faster and reliable.

  • Centralizes pricing process for products and services, i.e. easy to establish, change and communicate the pricing.

  • Systemizing workflows of quoting process to create, manage, and negotiating the sales quotations.

  • Advanced integration capabilities, enabling the solution to co-exist and augment your ERP system.

  • Business intelligence that enhances decision-making throughout the process with embedded analytics.

How You Will be Benefited?

  • It Improves process efficiency and reduces chances of error in order fulfilment by streamlining the selling process
  • Efficient and enhanced management of service operations and products results in high business profits and market capturing.
  • Leverage customers with smooth and flawless ordering and pricing system, thus increases customer satisfaction.
  • It helps reducing costs and increases revenue by optimizing channel selling
  • In addition, it helps your sales organization manage leads, customer profiles and contracts, quickly establish and enforce complex pricing strategies, and deliver accurate and professional quotes.
  • It provides a best-in-class approach to this very important aspect of the sales process while allowing enough flexibility to configure the software to your specific business needs