Address Verification

Refined Registration & Check-Out

Improved User-Experience

Shopper’s save considerable time to register and check-out without filling the complete postal address.

Decreased Shipments Return

Correct addresses ensure decreased shipments return by avoiding wrong labels.

Simple Integration

Detailed guidance is available to join Google Address Suggestion Widget into IBM Watson Commerce.

Robust Google Framework

The tool is based on Google Maps widget database and covers around 95 million POIs and businesses.

Adaptable & Customizable

  • Royal Cyber’s Google Address Suggestion Widget is rigorously tested and works with WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7 Fix Pack 8. It operates Out-of-the-Box with Aurora Starter Store. The widget can be tweaked to work with other stores.

  • It is augmented to Management Center Commerce Composer, Store Front Pages and Store Management Tool

  • Addresses are brought directly from Google Servers. A one-time configuration of Google Key is needed.

  • Various configure options available to partially enable/disable and also switch to full manual mode if Google Services are down or slow.