Ecommerce Analytics Audit

Analytics Audit Plan

  • Review Current Strategy

  • Review Current Implementation

  • Review E-Commerce Implementation

  • Review Data Tracking & Identity Issues

  • Review Reports & Dashboards


  • Reports on Current Implementation

  • Provide a re-implementation plan

  • Discussion over issues found & best practices

What we will do:

Discuss your Current Analytics Strategy
Review the current Implementation Practices
Review Current Configuration of Goals & Events
Review E-Commerce Implementation & Configuration
Review Data Tracking & Identify Gaps
Review Analytics Reports and Dashboards
Analyze Key Metrics for better decision making

What will we answer

Are we capturing our orders correctly?
Are my tags set up to appropriately reflect on-site search activity?
A detailed discussion over the document provided
Provision of a re-implementation plan
Are my tags deploying properly? Are they deploying multiple times? Or Not at all?
We are updating our site, what tagging changes should we prioritize?
Well Documented Provision of a detail report on Current Tag Implementation

How would you benefit

* Tag Services for IBM Coremetrics & Google Analytics