Performance Improvement

Does your Application run slow or your
server crashes at peak traffic?

RoyalCyber’s UPCEAT Performance Package for IBM WebSphere Commerce is a fixed cost package that ensures your application respond quickly to your customer requests by effectively monitoring and increasing its performance by approximately 3 X during peak hours of your business

The most important element of an ecommerce application is quick response to customer requests. Using our performance improvement services, we will make sure your site will have the best throughput in both heavy and low traffic times.

Usually an e-commerce application runs on a multiple tier environment, which is also integrated with external applications. This multi-level architecture makes it complex to determine bottlenecks and also makes it important to remove bottlenecks to increase performance. With multiple successes of performance improvements and separate specialized teams for Database, Web Server, and Application servers we will work together to help you achieve your desired performance results.

WebSphere Application Server/ WebSphere Commerce Server Performance Tuning:

Based on your load requirements and Load test results we will properly tune and configure your application server and commerce server to achieve high performance results.

Database Tuneup:

In an e-commerce application, operational data such as completed/cancelled orders, temporary addresses, logging information rapidly increases within time jeopardizing the performance of your site. Our Experts will help you setup scripts to automatically manage your operational data and properly index your database based on your requirements on a regular basis.

Web Server Performance Tuning:

Web Server is the first point of contact for every request and therefore requires proper tuning and configuration. With over 8 years of experience, our team will help you comply with IBM standards and recommendations such as storing static assets, proper virtual host configurations etc.

Memory leak:

Memory leak can be application level or system level and is often hard to recognize. Our highly experienced WebSphere Application Server team will review the java cores and Garbage collection data to analyze and find the root cause of your memory leak issue. We will also implement monitoring scripts to ensure your environment stability in the long run.

Our Other Popular Services:

Workload and Failover support: Proper planning to support increasing traffic to your website is extremely important to keep your business running smoothly. Our team with high expertise on workload management will help you plan your environment based on your current and future load requirements. We will guarantee a risk free implementation to meet your expansion needs. Besides workload we will also help you achieve a Gold standard Failover environment using clustering and load balancing to avoid any interruption to your customer requests.

Dynamic Caching:

With thousands of users coming to your e-commerce site every week, it is important to identify and cache common web-pages and page-fragments closer to the user. Our highly experienced websphere application server team will work with you to understand your requirements and analyze your environment to achieve highest performance results using the WebSphere Application Server Dyna-cache service. With a onetime service fee we will guarantee a huge performance improvement of your environment.