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IBM Watson Commerce Site Readiness for Holiday Season

In the run up to the holiday, retailers make sure that their sites are optimized to cater big and prolonged spikes in traffic and purchasing activity.
It is high time to start planning your strategy to get your message out when consumers begin researching for their holiday gift lists. The battle for holiday engagement is being fought long before the weather turns horrible.

Importance of Site Performance

Although opportunities for retailers to augment their sales in holiday season are plentiful, many retailers underperform because of a failure to adequately plan and organize their holiday campaigns.

Performance factors such as load time play a crucial role during high-pressure festive seasons. The load time can have a huge impact on conversions and customer satisfaction. For example, Amazon and Walmart increased revenue 1% for every 100ms of improvement.

On mobile, for example, shoppers will quickly abandon a site for poor performance. Infact, the optimum load time for a mobile site is about four seconds – that’s not easy to maintain during peak shopping times.

The load time can have a huge impact on conversions and customer satisfaction as shown below:

Load Time

Most of the Retailers’ holiday sales is a large chunk of their annual revenues, in many cases up to 30 percent, so achieving the highest possible holiday ROI is critical for success.


Challenges of Performance Tuning in IBM Watson Commerce

  • The environment has multiple components
  • Need expertise in both development and administration
  • Webserver, Application server and database layers performance bottlenecks
  • Trace and Logging Control
  • Load and Stress Testing
  • JVM (Java Virtual Machine) Tuning
  • Memory leaks Control

How Royal Cyber can help?

Get our Exclusive Holiday Readiness Package for Your IBM Watson Commerce Site

  • Assessments of Ecommerce Site for Holiday Readiness
  • Plan & Set Technical Benchmarks for upcoming Season
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Load Testing
  • Database Maintenance
  • Integration Strategy
  • Caching Strategy
  • Performance Improvements
  • SEO Optimization
  • 24/7 Tech Support during Holiday Season

Package Details

Performance Tuning

SEO Process

Performance Testing

WCS Holiday Ready

Begin planning for the online holiday shopping season. Get your Store all set for the 2017 Holiday Season.


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