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IBM Tealeaf

IBM Customer Experience helps businesses capture and replay user interactions on their website and mobile applications. It offers real-time visibility to understand customers struggle and respond proactively.

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Key Features

  • Customized Dashboards & Reports
  • Detailed session view replay
  • Customer experience integrations
  • Usability analytics and struggle detection
  • Multi-channel Journey analytics
  • Understand the activities driving progression through the mindsets.

Connect with Royal Cyber

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Royal Cyber can help you leverage IBM Customer Experience to successfully optimize your customer’s online experience.


  • Capture customer struggles in real time
  • Assist them in completing their journey
  • Improve usability with heat maps, link and form analytics
  • Reduces CSR’s average call handle time
  • Make more informed business decisions with qualitative customer insights
  • Enhance conversion & profitability

IBM Customer Experience Consulting Services

Understand what your customers need before they know it themselves. We offer a wide range of services to help you win and retain satisfied customers.

  • SaaS or On-Premise Leverage enterprise-class capabilities with SaaS or on-premise options
  • Environment Health Check Get our custom assessment and recommendations to realize new opportunities
  • Analytics Identify trends or anomalies and enable a multi-channel view of the customer for ongoing analysis
  • Migration, Installation & Configuration Enhance operations with our custom migrations from older versions to the latest as well as new installations and configuration
  • Ongoing Support Benefit from 24/7 preventative maintenance to ensure high availability
  • CX Lifecycle Identify every factor that influences your customer’s progression throughout the customer life cycle
  • CX Integrations Provides seamless integration with a range of other business applications such as business intelligence, web analytics, and other solutions
  • Customer Service Optimization Helps customer service representatives comprehend the context of every customer’s online sessions with records of online interactions, be it live or archived
  • Customer Behaviour Analysis Monitor both quantitative data and qualitative experience to understand your customers’ experiences and their needs
  • CX Mobile Leverage powerful customer experience management on mobile applications

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