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The implementation plan varies with the technology used on the subject website; typically it is not hectic and time consuming process but still undergoes few phases.For a complete knowledge of timelines and product features, you can CONTACT US. Our Consultants are available to assist you in every possible way.

The Design phase:In this initial phase, we strategize the plan as per the technology in use. We set the Page naming conventions and site coding conventions. This doesn’t mean we would make changes to the code, except for adding few snippets leaving your business logic intact.Get your Strategy planned today- Submit your RFP

The Development phase:This phase is where actual implementation is started from.We start putting tags on to the subject website, in development environment, usually done by the Developers of the website. We share the plans and procedures, and work with developers to get the website into action as soon as possible. If your team requires development support, Royal Cyber Developers can provide that as well.
So, what are you waiting for, Contact us now.


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