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IBM Watson Customer Engagement Solution

More than ever before, businesses today are challenged when it comes to effectively engaging with customers, and understanding them and how they use their offerings. In the current scenario, companies strive to use every touch point as an opportunity to engage customers.

IBM Watson Customer Engagement brings a wide range of capabilities for marketing, commerce and supply chain activities to help retailers understand who their customers are, where they are located, and understand why they are there.

Watson can help you gain insights from customer data, as well as external data on trends, buying behaviors or even supplier availability to help retailers gain actionable insights to help them better target their customers.

With IBM Watson, businesses can deliver seamless and consistent omni-channel shopping experiences, including social, mobile and in-store. They can engage customers with captivating brand experiences through relevant content, marketing and promotions. At the same time, they can extend their brand across customer touch points.

IBM WebSphere Commerce is an industry-leading e-commerce solution that supports both B2B and B2C business models, while providing a rich, differentiated customer experience on a single platform.

Royal Cyber provides consulting and support for IBM Watson Customer Engagement to help you discover new ways to engage with today’s tech-savvy customers and ensure improved returns.

Our extensive range of deployment options can help you address the diverse needs of companies across industries with the ability to migrate between deployment approaches as they grow.

For more information, contact our solution experts and explore how you can use IBM Watson Customer Engagement for your business.