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Sterling Commerce Solution


Royal Cyber offers IBM Sterling-Commerce solution to redefine your eCommerce services in context of your customers.  With its multi and cross channel selling, order management, secure file transfer, Supply Chain Management, Sterling B2B Collaboration Network, Sterling B2B Integration Services,  EDI Essentials, and B2B integration. IBM Sterling commerce is a comprehensive solution both for streamlining business operations and satisfying your customers with an incomparable e-shopping experience.

Order Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment:
Based on IBM Sterling Order Management Platform, order fulfillment assists you in fulfilling your customer’s order with more ease and flexibility. It enables you to provide your customers with a seamless ordering experience by enabling them to order, fulfill and return- from anywhere.

Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management
IBM Sterling Commerce suite lets you to build a strong communication channel among all your departments involved such as online sales channel, order verification department, payment department, warehouse, transportation/shipping etc. It gives an organized system to your departments to get synchronized for effective supply chain management process.

B2B Integration
B2B Integration:
This cloud-based service helps you automate your business process shared with your trading partners, in order to achieve a one-stop shopping experience i.e. buying, selling, shipping and paying, not only for buyers and sellers but also for banks and third party logistic companies.

Selling Solutions
Selling Solutions:
This feature allows you to launch B2B & B2C stores, thereby enabling you to provide customers with a single view of all their orders placed regardless of the sales channel. Moreover, with this solution you can enhance your store’s branding across different social platforms, along with customized promotions and offerings for your customers.

Managed File Transfer
Managed File Transfer:
Enabling you to manage and control the flow of critical information that runs your dynamic business networks. With its flawless, secure & reliable data delivery you can be assured of getting enhanced business performance, reduced IT complexity and risk.

Sterling B2B Collaboration Network
Sterling B2B Collaboration Network:
Provides a platform to develop a strong business relationship with other potential businesses within and outside your industry. It helps in connecting different businesses to enhance their business presence across different business industries and market segments.

Why to Opt For IBM Sterling Commerce?

  • Increase customer satisfaction by enabling banking, insurance, and trading options anywhere and anytime
  • Simple and easy way of managing orders regardless of the touch point bring used
  • Enable greater efficiency and accuracy in supply-chain operations
  • Socialize your brand globally by penetrating into potential market segments
  • Delivers exceptional online shopping experience to your customers
  • Secure payment methods for customers
  • Gives customer retention and loyalty by getting up to the expectations of your customers

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