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Responsive Web Design Solution

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Why Responsive Web Design?

  • 79% of time on mobile is spent on shopping.
  • 59% of smartphone users spend 40 minutes per day on shopping and surfing
  • By 2014, 1905030 units of mobile devices to be shipped followed by 263229 units of tablets

Royal Cyber responsive Web Design services lets you to develop a single website to leverage your customers with a unified experience of your website regardless of the device they use. With our responsive design services, your website will actually become “responsive” i.e. adjusting the screen resolution and view according to the device used to access it.

With your website being responsive, customers can see a single and symmetric view of your website on desktop, tablet, mobile etc, thus allowing them to continue to navigate through your website.

How Responsive Web Design Benefits You?

  • Reduces cost of managing multiple websites for multiple devices.
  • Increases overall traffic of website because of a single website to be marketed.
  • More lead conversions and sales growth.
  • Avoidance of duplicate content issues.
  • SEO friendly and helps in localized SEO techniques.
  • Mobile is the leading world technology so it’s a plus to have a mobile-friendly website
  • Indistinguishable website experience for all visitors’ i.e. same products, services, call to actions etc.
  • Makes it easy for you to analyze and explore potential platforms, and market segments to take
     effective decisions.

Contact us now to get a responsive layout for your website. Call us at +1.630.355.6292 to get the most optimum solution for your responsive design queries right away.


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