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Customer Experience Management


IBM® Tealeaf® Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions empower organizations to collect, visualize, and analyze visitor sessions in order to provide them a customer centric approach to improve and optimize online customer experiences – thus improving conversions and retentions.
Royal Cyber Inc., an IBM Premium Business Partner, provides services for the implementation, optimization, training, and use of IBM Tealeaf solutions.

The Tealeaf CX platform

The Tealeaf CX platform gathers all customer interactions from your online channels and stores this data for visualizing. The stored data is available for live replay or can be analyzed in real time and can integrate to a wide range of solutions to provide additional visibility to customer experience and their behavior.

Tealeaf CX Mobile provides similar control over the customer sessions using mobile devices, HTML5 websites, iOS and Android native and hybrid apps, and other emerging mobile technologies.

Tealeaf Customer Behavior Analysis

Tealeaf cxImpact gathers a comprehensive customer experience dataset, making it completely searchable, and allowing replays of every single customer session.

Tealeaf cxOverstat provides heat maps, attention maps, link and form analytics that allow you to visualize the way you customer viewed. This helps in improving content placement and in improving much needed UI changes. It acts as a camera over your customers’ shoulder.

Tealeaf cxView helps in aggregating cxImpact data into useful executive-level dashboards, KPI scorecards, and reports that provide you close to real-time view of customer behavior. This also includes an alerting tool that is useful in prompting for problems in real-time and can be customized to be sent to designated authorities or departments.

Tealeaf Customer Experience Integrations

Tealeaf cxConnect family products allows integrations with Web Analytics, Voice of Customers and other data analysis tools. cxConnect can provide its rich dataset to mentioned tools giving more insights.

Tealeaf Customer Service Optimization

Tealeaf cxReveal provides an interface to departments like customer services, sales, and marketing to access the powerful features of search and replay for every customer session on online channels.

Tealeaf cxVerify help maintain a comprehensive, long-lasting record of every customer interaction, in so doing protect your organization and facilitate dispute and fraud inquiries.


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